Topical Steroid Withdrawal- Taking it one day at a time

Monthly Archives: November 2013

Last night I was just thinking that I must be coming up on one year of blogging. C looked it up last night and guess what! Today is the day. This week I also crossed 30,000 views. In the blog world, that isn’t too significant, but I think it shows how much interest there is in Topical Steroid Withdrawal.

Thank you to all of you who have followed my story and sent me kind words when I needed them the most. Going public and exposing the nastiest and ugliest parts of what will be one of the most difficult experiences in my life has not been easy. There have been day I thought about deleting my blog because I couldn’t handle the pressure of being so public. But, I know that it has helped many people, so I didn’t give in to those feelings.

All of you going through TSW, be strong!

Signing off,



Also.. I thought I should add two collages for perspective. C made the first one for me a few months back and I thought reposting it might be helpful. January was my fifth month off steroids. The second collage starts with my first day of withdrawal and continues through my 14th month.



Just a little reminder that things do get better.

Just wanted to share the progression in my back in this last “second wave” flare. The first three pictures are from 3 weeks ago. You can see the deep cracks that are oozing. The bottom three are from this morning.




This morning: