I finally had C take some pictures of me.  Pictures on the right are from me today.  Haven’t taken a shower in over 24 hours, no vaseline, just a little bit of The Home Apothecary Lemongrass balm on my arms.

This wrist picture is from about one year ago, so about 12 months into withdrawal. I used a ton of steroids on my wrists. As you can see, all of those cracks and cuts have healed right up

Here is my hand.. 4 months v. today. Wow.

This back picture is from 6 months into withdrawal. My back, which was one of the WORST places on my body, is pretty much clear. I don’t use any moisturizer on it.

My chest.. man that thing oozed, scaled, and itched so bad. Still have a few little very small eczemateous areas on the sides of my chest. But overall, doing MUCH MUCH MUCH better. Doesn’t even bother me.

Outer arms are doing much better. A few eczemateous spots around my wrists, but nothing I can’t handle. Still looks better than when I was using super potent topical steroids.

This is the infamous red sleeve at about 2 months. I remember that this is one of the first really bad days I had in withdrawal. My inner arms aren’t perfect. I still have a few spots that itch. Looks a lot like my “original eczema” and I wonder if this is just that.

I was lucky enough (ha ha) to have a red sleeve on my feet! This is at about 3 months, before it spread to my toes. My feet are completely normal!

The picture on the left is from when my legs were oozing and crusting over. You can see how swollen and crusty they are here. This was about 2-3 months into withdrawal. My lower legs get dry after swimming in the ocean, but otherwise, are completely normal!